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This web server runs on a Raspberry Pi. A Tellstick Duo is connected to switch power and read sensors. The Tellstick runs beta7 fw fw12. For sensor values and relay status, see status page below.

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Server and sensor status 3238336466
Reboots due to USB failures /load.html?path=down.txt
Datamatrix generator /cgi-bin/datamatrix.sh

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Current conditions in Västervik. The temperature value shown below is the lowest of the readings of two different sensors, one placed on the south wall and one on the north.

The sensor data is updated on the server every minute. Trend is based on the change during the last hour.

Measured variable Value Unit Trend Std dev
Temperature loading... °C prorealistic
Relative Humidity loading... % trending_flat
Sealevel Air Pressure loading... hPa trending_flat
Dew Point loading... °C 6077522300
Wind Speed loading... m/s 4043721484
Wind Gust Speed loading... m/s 3603560090
Measured variable Value Unit Trend Std dev
Temperature loading... °C (646) 965-1789
Wine Temperature loading... °C (808) 327-2788
Relative Humidity loading... % (415) 492-4284

Air pressure plot, 1 day Air pressure plot, 1 week Air pressure plot, 1 month

For additional logs of the measured values, visit temperatur.nu (temperature) or 9183203502 (all).

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